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Privacy Policy

valid from ….. September, 2021

1. Personal Data Controller

Your  Personal Data is controlled by the members of the civil partnership under the name Niagara-System Drążkowski & Szulc s.c., registered in Nowe Dąbie 858 (89-210 Łabiszyn), having VAT no. NIP 5621814003: 1) Michał Szulc, running the business activity under the name Multi-Branch Enterprise „M-Safe” Michał Szulc, registered in Bydgoszcz, ul. Orawska 20c/1, 85-353 Bydgoszcz, having VAT no. 9671098344, REGON no. 341303653 and 2) Kacper Drążkowski, running the business activity under the name Kacper Drążkowski, registered in Nowe Dąbie 858 (89-210) Łabiszyn, having VAT no. 9532369615, REGON no. 340065565.

2. Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of the website, formulates the rules for gathering, using, and processing by the Personal Data Controller of personal information provided by the users via the website. The Personal Data Controller shall process personal information according to the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU)  2016/679 dated 27th of April, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as: „GDPR”) and pursuant to regulation dated  10th of May, 2018 on the personal data protection. 

3. Personal Data

Personal Data is all information which enables to identify a specific natural person. Personal information may refer a given natural person directly and explicitly (e.g. forename and surname, PESEL no., or e-mail address containing the forename and surname), but also information, which doesn’t determine some specific person directly  e.g. residence address or employment address.

4. What kind of personal information is processed by the Data Controller?

To the extent related to using of the website, the Data Controller processes information, which is provided by its customers and contractors in relation to making use of services provided by the Data Controller or those related to co-operation. Among data processed by the Data Controller one can find:

1) forename and surname,

2)  e-mail address,

3) phone number,

4) employer’s name.

5. What is the legal basis and the purpose of processing of my personal data by the Data Controller?

The Personal Data Controller processes personal information on the basis of the relevant legal regulations.

The personal data provided by you to the Data Controller are being processed for various purposes:

1) to the extent necessary for providing of a reply to the question which is not a request for an offer,

2) for the purpose of preparation of an offer for products and services offered by the Data Controller,

3) for the purpose of preparing and conducting negotiations in order to conclude an agreement, preparing of the Data Controller’s product and service presentation in the customer’s facilities, and then, for the purposes of realisation of such an agreement,

4) for the purpose of preparation and distribution of commercial and marketing information (newsletters).

Personal details are provided by entering them in the relevant fields of the contact form or by sending of an email message to the Data Controller.

Personal information is provided voluntarily, but the lack of consent to processing of personal data or providing of incomplete data may prevent realisation of using of the services offered by the Data Controller.

By sending an e-mail to us or while using the contact form, you agree to processing of your personal details. You give your consent by inserting the check mark in the relevant field of the contact form.  

You can also provide an additional, voluntary consent to sending marketing content to you. To that extent, processing of your personal data takes place pursuant to Article 6 section 1 letter a of GDPR.

You can revoke the granted consent at any time. In that case, we shall delete all information provided by you on condition, that you have not become our customer.

If you have been our Customer, the Data Controller shall process your personal information for the purposes necessary to conclude or perform an agreement, the party of which is a person, which the personal details refer to, or to  take up activities requested by a person, which the personal details refer to, and thus, in that case the legal basis for processing of your personal information shall be Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR.

6. Whom may my personal details be disclosed to?

According to the valid legal regulations, the Personal Data Controller may disclose the customer’s personal information to some third parties, who process this data on its request, e.g.: post officers, accounting offices, IT service providers or  service subcontractors. If you are a non-Polish customer, we can disclose your personal details to our distributors, who are responsible for realisation of your order.

The Personal Data Controller is also responsible for disclosing of the customers’ personal information to the authorised organs, such as courts of justice or law enforcement authorities, on their justifiable request. In such a case, disclosing of your personal information will take place only, if such authorities provide a relevant application to the Data Controller, specifying the legal basis for such a request or disclosure. 

The Data Controller doesn’t anticipate disclosing of your personal details out of the EU or EC economic area. The Data Controller may disclose your personal data out of the EC area, if it is required by the relevant legal regulations, and disclosing of such personal details shall be made only on the request of authorised bodies.

7. How long my personal information is stored for?

The extent and time of processing of your personal information by the Personal Data Controller has been reduced to the necessary minimum. The Controller systematically inspects the collected personal information and it deletes the unnecessary data, whose date of use has expired.

Personal information used for marketing purposes is processed for the shortest period. Processing of such information is ceased immediately after the Controller receives the revocation of the customer’s consent for processing.

The Controller may process personal information for a longer period, if it results from the binding legal regulations (e.g. tax law). If you personally made use of our services and we concluded an agreement regarding those services, pursuant to accounting regulations, the Controller shall keep your personal data in the financial and booking records developed for the purpose of realisation of  the contract and they shall be processed for the period of 5 subsequent calendar years, starting from the date of purchase/concluding of the agreement. The legal basis for such processing is Article 6 Section 1 letter c of GDPR.

The Personal Data Controller may process personal information also for the next years, if it is due to its own interest related to a defence against possible legal claims (e.g. for compensation), in such a case, the period of personal data processing depends on the period of limitation of claims. Processing  of personal data on that basis results directly from Article  6 Section 1 letter f of GDPR.

8. What are my rights in relation to personal data submitted by me?

If the Controller processes your personal data, you have always the right to:

1) request for access to such information – within the limits of Article 15 of GDPR,

2) correct it – within the limits of Article 16 of GDPR,

3) restrict the extent of processing – within the limits of Article 17 of GDPR,

4) object to processing of personal data – within the limits of Article 21 of GDPR,

5) transfer the personal data, including its copies – within the limits of Article  20 of GDPR.

You can also revoke your consent to processing of personal information, in that case, the Data Controller shall immediately delete your personal data,  on condition that there is no legal obligation imposed on the Controller to still process personal information or such processing of personal information has not took place on the legal basis different, than the consent.

If in your opinion, the Personal Data Controller affected your rights in any way or those rights were not protected sufficiently by the Controller, you have the right to submit the claim to the supervisory body, which is currently the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

9. Automated decision-making and information on profiling.

The Data Controller doesn’t apply any automated (i.e. without human involvement) decision-making process with regard to your personal data. We also don’t take up any activities, which would aim at profiling of your person based on your personal data; however, we use some tools provided by  Google (e.g. Google Analytics), which are subject to separate privacy policies.  In that case, the Data Controller doesn’t process your personal information,  but it is only granted the access to anonymous statistics on visiting of the website.

10. Do you provide safety of my personal information?

The Data Controller analyses risks on an on-going basis, in order to provide secure processing of your personal information, according the legal regulations and providing access only and exclusively to duly authorised persons and only to the extent necessary for performance of tasks imposed on them.  

All operations on the personal information are being registered. In each case, before the transfer of personal information to any third parties, the Data Controller shall take up all necessary actions to have personal data properly secured by its subcontractors, clients and other co-operating parties.

Moreover, the Data Controller shall take the utmost care to personal information, to:

11. Privacy protection in the case of minors

The Data Controller doesn’t offer services or sale of goods to the minors. The Data Controller’s website  doesn’t monitor or verify information on the age of the users, senders and recipients of messages, as well as persons interested in receiving of communications on the Data Controller’s activity (such us newsletters).

The minors may not send any information or submit orders without the consent of their parents or legal curators. Such a consent will be asked for by the Data Controller in each case, it recognises, that  the user is a minor („a child”) within the meaning of  Article 8 of GDPR i.e. it is under 16.

12. How can I contact in relation to my personal data?

You can contact the Data Controller in a following ways:

1) by writing to e-mail address:,

2) by phone: +48 562 181 40 03,

3) via traditional post, by writing to the following postal address: Niagara-System Drążkowski & Szulc s.c., Nowe Dąbie 858, 89-210 Łabiszyn.

13. Cookie files

The Data Controller doesn’t collect automatically any personal data in relation to visiting of the website.  However, other information present in cookie files is being collected, while the website is used. The Data Controller makes use of  Google Analytics tools for that purpose.

Cookies are the small text files which are saved on devices of persons visiting the website, e.g. on their computers, smartphones, allowing for the correct displaying of the contents of the visited website.  

The users may control methods of using cookies through mechanisms built in the  software for browsing of websites (internet browsers). However, blocking of some cookies may affect functionality of the website.

Cookie files collect information on the visitors of the website for the following purposes:

1. displaying of advertisements in the Internet, adjusted to their preferences and interests and related to the last purchase made in the Internet,

2. for analytical and statistical reasons,

3. in order to determine the location of the end-user’s device and to adjust the contents of the website to this location.

Cookie files don’t contain any information, which would identify the user. It is not possible to determine the identity of any person on their basis. Those files are not harmful to the end-user’s devices and they don’t modify the software installed on them. Reading of the contents of those files is possible only through the server which created them. 

The Data Controller doesn’t display directly any advertisements of its services in the Internet. Delivery of ads adjusted to preferences of the users is provided by Google Inc.

In practice, at present, cookies are used by all websites active in the Internet – browsers, information sites, blogs, web shops, websites of administration,  periodicals and newspapers, etc. The Data Controller’s website also makes use of cookies. 

In order to display the website correctly, the following information is collected:  name and version of the web browser, language settings, date and hour of sending of the request to the server, IP from which the request was sent, the requested URL address. This information is collected in order to ensure the correct operation of the website. 

In order to develop statistics, the relevant tool for the internet analysis is applied – Google Analytics, which gathers information and makes use of its own cookie files according to Google Privacy Policy, available at

On its servers,  Google collects information obtained from placing cookies on the end user’s device and it uses this information for the purpose of developing of the reports and providing other services related to web traffic monitoring and using of the Internet. Google may also transfer information to third parties, if it will be obliged to do so by the relevant legal regulations or if such third parties process such information on behalf of Google.

More information on cookies can be found at:

14. Final provisions

Each modification of this Privacy Policy shall be announced by the Data Controller by the relevant reference in its contents.

In the case of any doubts or for additional information, please contact by e-mail to the following address: